Why use a nutritional therapist ?

  • We provide personalised support and guidance to follow a whole food diet and balanced lifestyle. Our aim is to empower you to take control of your own health. We work together to identify your goals or concerns, assign priorities, and formulate an achievable plan that is workable for you.
  • Our detailed investigation of your health history may identify specific nutrient deficiencies that we can address.
  • Research shows that extra nutrients can be beneficial in many health conditions. We can distil the latest science to help you.
  • Supplementation may be necessary in the short or long-term depending on age, genetic profile, toxic exposure, or lifestyle for example. Supplements are essential for those on restricted diets. Quality and the correct form of supplementation is imperative.
  • Where required we can facilitate specialist testing not available on the NHS. Detailed analysis of blood, stool, urine, or genetic profile for example can yield important information to guide protocols. A nutritional therapist can advise on the most suitable test(s) and interpret the results.

I am an approved Lifecode practitioner, having completed their training program in 2022. Their detailed reports about the genes involved in nutrient handling, methylation, hormone and nervous system, thyroid, detoxification and histamine intolerance can be very useful to guide protocol.

Where & How

In person – within 20 miles of Howden, East Riding of Yorkshire or within 20 miles of Kingsbridge, Devon.

On zoom – anywhere in the world!

Over the telephone – for follow up and ongoing consultations only.


The appointment process is as follows

  • You will complete a comprehensive health and lifestyle questionnaire and diet diary.
  • We will have an initial consultation in person or via Zoom (approximately 2 hours) to discuss and expand on the information provided. Shortly afterwards we will agree an initial plan of action.
  • Four to six weeks later we will have a follow up consultation to discuss your progress and the additional research I have undertaken. We will then agree the next plan of action.

Prices for this comprehensive service start at £600 (payable in advance).

As every client is unique, this general outline can be tweaked to suit individual circumstances. The initial process, however, is crucial to understanding the whole person and providing the best service possible.

Subsequently we can agree an hourly rate depending on the level of ongoing support required and hours committed.