Free Advice

I would urge everyone to eat a nutritious diet. Maximise your nutrient intake with a diverse range of fresh food (organic where possible/affordable, well washed where not). This will considerably improve your chances of obtaining all the nutrients your body requires for optimal health.

Eating a lot of processed food is certainly going to adversely impact long-term health – it lacks nutrients and often contains damaged oils or sugars that are detrimental to health.

The internet is awash with free dietary advice, much of it conflicting. If you just want a pointer in the right direction this would be my recommendation – The Alliance for Natural Health. I fully endorse their advice and they promote sustainable farming practices too!

Pro Bono

Nutritional therapy should be available to all. In an ideal world everyone should have the knowledge and confidence to take charge of their own health.

Until such time, I can offer 3 free consultations per year to those that cannot afford to pay (initial and follow up appointments, worth £300). If you would like to apply, please email to let me know

  • Your main health goals
  • Why you cannot afford to pay my fee and why I should consider your application for a free service

Please also confirm that you appreciate the importance of good nutrition and that you are willing to match my effort with your own effort to implement the protocols we agree together.

Prior to the consultation you will be required to

  • Keep a detailed diary of all food and drink consumed over a 2-week period. Inclusion of sleep and exercise patterns, energy levels and bowel movements over that same period would also be particularly useful
  • Complete a detailed health questionnaire.