What is nutritional therapy?

Health is our natural state. If we provide the correct raw materials and environmental conditions, we support the body’s natural healing power. Real food is packed with vitamins, minerals and a myriad of other beneficial molecules – thousands of substances that can profoundly benefit health. Is your diet in need of review to optimise your health and vitality?

Every person is unique. Nutritional therapy considers an individual’s health history, current and past dietary habits, exercise levels, sleep quality, stress loads, infections, toxic exposures, medications and can even explore DNA expression that can be influenced by dietary changes.

Nutritional therapists try to understand the root cause of any imbalance in order to help their clients find long-term sustainable solutions.

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About Carol

I have always been passionate about homegrown food. I have been fortunate to eat grass-fed meat from our farm alongside organic fruit and vegetables from my garden. In 2018 I seized the opportunity to study nutrition with the College of Naturopathic Medicine, graduating three years later.

I love the personal service provided by a nutritional therapist; understanding each client in depth and delving into the latest scientific research to find ways to best support them with their health goals. A client may have particular health conditions, or they might just want to improve their general health and vitality. Either way, empowering them to take control of their own health is extremely rewarding.

I also very much enjoy continuing my professional development, taking every opportunity to expand my knowledge base.